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Our values

  • Welcome to the next step in your career AND your future.

  • That might sound like a lot at first, but that's exactly what we offer to you.  

  • There are many agencies - mostly they have one thing in common: the pure focus on sporting success.  

  • That is why, in addition to your sporting development, we also focus on your personality, your academic development parallel to soccer and a successful start in professional life.

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Our mission

  • Our mission is to accompany you on your perfect next step, the soccer scholarship in the USA, and to support you in your personal, athletic and academic development.

  • You and your needs always come first.


Our team

  • Thanks to our experience in college soccer as well as in international professional soccer, we have a very good network. 

  • It is precisely this network that we use to provide you with the best possible support in your next step - both on the field, academically and personally.

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