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Quick facts

  • 4,500 accredited colleges/ universities in the United States

  • Academic excellence: 14 of the top 20 universities worldwide are in the US

  • > 1 million internat.  students

  • No NC (Numerus Clausus)  

  • Small courses (participants usually 20-25 students), no crowded classrooms / seats on the steps


Study system

Bachelor  (Undergraduate)

  • 4-year program

  • No determination of the major from the start

Master  (Graduate)

  • 2-year program

  • Mostly in the same subject area as the bachelor's degree 

Associate's Degree

  • Junior college

  • 2-year program

  • For people with academic hurdles and possibly for people without a high school diploma


Tuition Fees & Scholarships

Tuition fee

  • Unlike in Germany, studying in the USA is an expensive undertaking.

  • With a scholarship, on the other hand, a large part (in some cases even all) of the costs will be covered of you. There are different programs, some of which can also be combined.



  • Sports scholarship: our goal!  This is all about your athletic performance.  A sports scholarship covers parts (partial scholarship) or even all of your costs (full scholarship).  A partial scholarship varies in amount and can cover up to 90% of your tuition fees. Outstanding athletes even sometimes receive some kind of "pocket money" in addition to their scholarship.

  • Academic scholarship: Based on your academic performance.  The better your high school diploma and your SAT test, the greater the chances. With an GPA of 2.5 and a good SAT test result, you can usually qualify for it.

  • International scholarship: Internationality is an important criterion in the rankings of universities. Therefore, universities offer incentives to of foreign students.

  • Need-based aid: Financial support from the university in the event that your family has limited financial resources (non-repayable).

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