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Image by Ben Hershey

Quick facts

  • Around 800 teams offer soccer scholarships

  • Training & game conditions at a professional level

  • Two college sports organizations: NCAA & NAIA

  • League system in conferences with qualification options for the  National Tournament



  • The higher you play / have played, the better your chances of receiving a (full) scholarship.

  • You have the best chances of receiving a full scholarship if you play in the junior Bundesliga (U17/U19) or Regionalliga, or in the Men's Regionalliga or upper league.

  • A  Partial scholarship (up to 90%) is also quite realistic if you play a national league or association league.

  • But also players from lower levels leagues have a chance.  Ultimately, this always depends on several factors.




  • The season takes place in fall from September to November.

  • During this time you play for the Conference Championships.

  • This is followed by the National Tournament.


  • The so-called off-season, i.e. the time without competitive games, takes place in the spring semester.

  • During this time there will be training, but only test matches.


  • Playing time: 2x45 min (countdown)

  • In case of a draw: overtime.

  • This is 2x10 minutes and the golden goal rule applies.

  • After goalless overtime, the game will be counted as a tie. 

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